ED7500-10 XXHD
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The ED7500 series is our next-generation line of rugged and dependable trap haulers. All models are mounted on a marine-grade cast aluminum backplate which combines superior structural strength and corrosion resistance with minimum weight. Our backplate provides four splitter mounting points and two additional mounting points for an optional fairlead roller. The muscle behind the ED7500 XXHD series is a 3/4 HP 3400 RPM 12V DC motor designed for marine applications paired with an extra heavy-duty 30:1 right angle gear reducer capable of pulling 250 pounds while drawing only 50-65 amps. The ED7500-10 XXHD series comes with 10” steel discs boasting a maximum line speed of up to 200 FPM.
  • Item #: 1030E

ED7500-10 XXHD

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